Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision


Through the combination of scientific leadership, market-leading technology and talented people, we will create a high performing pathology practice and be the pathology provider of choice.


Our Mission is to empower decision making that saves and improves our patient’s lives


  • We have the strongest teams in pathology through skill and capability investment.
  • We discover and innovate constantly to ensure our patients have access to the best in diagnostic technology.
  • We operate efficiently to lower our cost of service and reduce barriers to accessing our services.
  • We operate profitably so we can reinvest in people, equipment, technology and research.
  • We partner creatively to find the best possible ways to align with the practitioner community in achieving our vision.


Our Values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company.


Patient focus and medical excellence:

We protect the best interests of our patients through achieving excellence in our daily actions.

Entrepreneurship and agility:

We apply innovative thinking to our science and business. We are agile in responding to the needs of our customers.

Efficiency and effectiveness:

Delivering our mission to as many people as possible is only possible if we are constantly vigilant on our cost to deliver.

Passion and enthusiasm:

We are passionate about pathology and enthusiastic about achieving our mission.

Respect and integrity:

We always act with the highest integrity and respect.