Point of Care Testing

Point of Care Testing


We are proud to offer an expanding range of in-house clinical diagnostic products.

In-house instrument range

Heska  DRI-CHEM ® Analyser:

The DRI-CHEM® Veterinary Chemistry analyser is a multi-parameter in-hospital chemistry analyser produced for multi-species veterinary applications. The system is designed to analyse serum or plasma by colorimetric end-point, rate and potientiometric (electrolyte) tests using patented dry chemistry slide technology.

Heska HemaTrue™ analyser

The HemaTrue™ Veterinary Haemotology analyser is a veterinary-specific haemotology cell counter using impedance technology to provide a Complete Blood Count (CBC) and 3-part leukocyte differential for multi-species veterinary applications. Results are provided in one minute per sample with approximately 10 seconds hands-on time.


Point Of Care (POC) tests

ACT tubes

Activated Clotting Time (ACT) tubes are used in the performance of the activated clotting time test, a whole blood coagulation assay. We offer two types of ACT tubes:

  • C-ACT ™ containing celite clot-promoting agent and glass beads. Test 2 mL of blood.
  • MAX-ACT™ contains both celite and kaolin, as well as glass beads. Tests 0.5 mL of blood. Designed specifically for the veterinary market.


Senspert Tests

We distribute the SensPert Diagnostic tests, giving you rapid in-house results when you need it most. Quick and simple to use, requiring no refrigeration.